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Quality and Precision Machining, Customized to Your Specific Needs

Nordent Equipment is committed to providing the highest quality machined parts. We approach every project with a focus on quality, quick delivery, extensive value added services and competitive pricing.

Our Company

Nordent has been delivering precision components to customers' specifications for over twenty five years. During that time Nordent has established itself as a leader in providing value added services, prototyping, and custom to high volume machining to a variety of industries.

We at Nordent offer affordable, practical AND quality job shop work.

Mechanical Design Support

Nordent skilled manufacturing technologists are available to assist customers, engineers and or mechanical designers to support their initiatives in DFMA.

We can assist with drafting, design, manufacturing and even assembly. We will help you develop a new product, tweak a current product, make improvements to existing designs, develop new ideas, or produce your current product needs. Whether it is for one part or tens of thousands, we are capable of providing a one-stop service from start to finish. Send us your product needs, pictures, ideas, or rough drawings and we can make it happen!
Nordent Equipment is Known For:
• Quality, on schedule completion
• Competitive pricing
• Final product exceeding expectations
• Extensive value added services offered

We Guarantee all our Custom Work!

We have over thirty years of combined manufacturing design, and drafting experience in many fields including but not limited to: gas, electric, automobile, automation, aviation, recreational, medical and other industries. Some of the many benefits of working with us is our quick turn-around times and the quality of work you will receive.